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The health part of humans life. If you are healthy then you are able to do your daily activities, without health human cannot imagine the life of comfort. For a comfortable life, health plays the most important role. The person who are disabled are said to be a note of good health but if you conclude a person who is having a fever, common cold or any disease is also concluded in a disabled person because he is also so not able to do all the work which a healthy person can do. So so we can say health plays a vital role in a person’s life.

Government of Tamil Nadu has launched a new scheme regarding the health of the people. The scheme Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme – CMCHIS

The Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme is launched by the government of Tamil Nadu. This scheme through United India insurance company limited it is a public sector insurance company headquartered at Chennai. This scheme is for poor peoples who can not afford the expensive hospital bills.

CMCHIS Benefits

Chief minister comprehensive health scheme provide you facilities of big hospitals in low budget. Provides you coverage of 500000 per family per year on a floater basis for the ailments and producers covered under the scheme.

CMCHIS Eligibility Criteria

  • The person should belong to Tamil Nadu and should have the family card with his/her name.
  • The annual income of the family should be less than 72000/ per annum.
  • The family card and income certificate by the VAO/Revenue authorities along with the self-declaration of the head of the concerned family.

The family card should have eligible members such as :

  1. Legal spouse of eligible person
  2. Children of the eligible person
  3. Dependent parents of the eligible person

Some other eligible for this scheme:

  • Srilankan refuses in the camp are also eligible without any income limit.
  • Migrants living more than 6 months in the state are also eligible best on the request letter along with their list of eligible members for the Labour department which are certified by the suitable authority.
  • Orphans deciding in any registered or unregistered organization can be given a single card.
  • The girl child and any other person defined as an orphan by the government .

All the above are are the eligible category for Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.

How To Apply For Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme [CMCHIS]

  • First of all, take the income certificate from VAO.
  • A particular person should carry the original ration card with xerox and income certificate the district kiosk.
  • The DK operator will enroll the member by capturing the demographic and biometric details after the verification of documents of the particular person.
  • After capturing the photograph of the particular member a card will be generated and issued to the beneficiary.

 How to enroll Aadhar Card with URN

  • Go to the official website of CMCHIS Online.
  • Now enter your 22 digit URL in the given box and click on the checkbox to enter your Aadhar card number.
  • Now click on and enroll now button and select the family member and enter the data card number of the particular member and mobile number in the box given the screen.
  • Now the particular member will receive OTP on the given mobile number, enter the OTP and your Aadhar card register successfully.

Click Here TO Enroll For CMCHIS Tamil Nadu.

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