{6 Ways} How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10 – Faster Upload & Download Speeds

{6 Ways} How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10 – Steps To Get Faster Upload & Download Speeds in Windows 10 Computer / Laptop.

How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10 – 6 Ways To Get Faster Upload & Download Speeds in Windows 10

There are several reasons why your internet speed might have went down but there are very minor changes that you can do to your pc/laptop to speed up your internet.

But before doing that make sure you know about the internet speed that you are receiving from your internet provider. There are several applications available for the same and websites too.

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How To Check My Internet Speed on Windows 10 PC/Laptop?

You can go to the Microsoft store but you can also do that from the website speedtest.net to go for a test.

Now after knowing about the speed of your internet you can go for the 6 Ways To Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10.

1st Way To Faster Internet Speed in Windows 10 – Vacant The TEMP Folder

If your temp folders get overpopulated then it reduces your browsing speed.

Here are the speeds how to vacant your TEMP folder-

Step 1: Press Windows + R key to open the Run command box.

Step 2: The Run dialogue box will pop up, type in %Temp%, and press the enter key.

Step 3: Right-click on any of the selections and from the menu select the delete option.

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2nd Way To Speed Up Any Internet Connection in Windows 10 – Turn Off Background Apps

There are so many apps that running in the background they consume the bandwidth of your internet resulting in the slow speed of your internet. You must turn off background apps to protect your data.

Step 1:  Open the settings panel.

Step 2: Click on privacy.

Step 3:  Now, scroll down the left menu and choose background apps that you want to stop functioning in your background.

Step 4:  Now, turn off Background apps.

3rd Way To Get Faster Internet Speed in Windows 10 – Disable Windows Automatic Update Service

It is always cool to stay updated with your software but when you are having an internet speed problem then this is one of the most recommended solutions since update service consumes a lot of data.

Step 1 – In the windows, 10 taskbar search, search “services”.

Step 2 – Click on “services”.

Step 3 – As the services manager window pops up, find windows update from the list.

Step 4 – Click on the “stop” option to stop it.

Step 5 – Then, change the “startup” option to disabled from the dropdown.

Step 6 – Next, reboot your PC/laptop.

4th Way For Free Internet Speed Booster For Windows 10 2022 – Uninstall Onenote App

Onenote is a Microsoft app similar to Evernote or Dropbox Paper. Normally, Onenote uses a lot of bandwidth to syncing files and folders. In such a situation you need to uninstall it, to save your data from running out. It also makes your window slow.

If you are using Router

Turn off the router of your wifi and disconnect it from the power supply. Then wait for a couple of minutes and again switch it on.

5th Way To Boost Internet Speed in Windows 10 – Change Bandwidth Limit

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click on Update & Security.
  • Select the Advanced options from the middle panel.
  • Then, scroll down and click on Delivery Optimization.
  • Choose the Advanced options at the bottom.
  • A slider for Download settings and Upload settings will appear. Now, change the amount of bandwidth that your Windows requires.

And here you are one step again ahead to increase your internet speed.

6th Way To Get Faster Upload & Download Speeds on Windows 10 – Clean DNS Cache

DNS means Domain Name System. It converts the domain name to an IP address. The computer keeps all these records to speed up the connection process. If these records are too old then it is preferred to delete them.

Step 1: Press windows+ R and type cmd in the box that will appear before you.

Step 2: Click on the enter button.

Step 3: Now type, ipconfig, and press enter.

Now you will receive a successful flush of DNS cache.

These are some ways by which you can optimize and increase the Internet speed in Windows 10. Follow the above steps to optimize your computer and internet speed.

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