[Expert Review] Best 10 Mutual Funds For College Students {Graduates} in India For 2022

[Top 10] Best Mutual Funds for College Students {Graduates}. How To Invest in Mutual Funds, Guide For Students. Top 10 Mutual Funds For College Graduates.

Best Mutual Funds For College Students – Top Investment Schemes For Students

Are you a college student? And looking to invest some money in Mutual Funds? But did not have any idea How To Invest Money in Mutual Funds. And Which Mutual Funds Are Best For College Students. This page can provide you all the answers to your questions regarding Mutual Funds For College Students in India.

When we listen or read about Mutual Funds. The first image in our mind comes that its a risk with our money, it needs high money to investment and much more. Let me clear, to invest in Mutual Funds, no need to invest with high money. Yes, now anyone can invest in Mutual Funds with their Small Money. Here we provide Top 10 Mutual Funds For College Students in Which you can start investing with Rs. 500 per month.

What Is Mutual Fund? – Best Mutual Fund Scheme For Students

It is basically an investment that pools capital from a large number of investors to buy securities like stocks, bonds, and other assets. And from those securities, whatever they earn, they distributed to the investors by taking some portion of money which is known as expense ratio whose percentage lies between 1 -3% of the total amount invested by the people.  There are several types of mutual funds available in the market depending on the college students, the type of securities they invest in and the risk appetite they have it. 

How Do Mutual Funds Work For Students?

Nowadays, People have a variety of myths about mutual funds’ investments that only a wealthy person or an old person can invest in mutual funds. Even the young student who doesn’t have a stable source of income can invest in mutual funds. As we know, that a student can invest some amount of money from his pocket money approx Rs 500- 1000, so we suggest small mid-cap mutual funds to students where they can invest longer so that they can have a huge benefit in the future. College students should opt for long term investment as they invest far longer than any other investors. 

In mutual funds, all decisions are taken by the mutual funds’ managers contrary to the stock market. So students no need to worry about the regulation of the mutual funds market. There are so many benefits to invest in mutual funds as a student. First, it will help you to meet your financial objectives in the long run, its diversification, professional management and one of the healthiest investments you can do ever. Suppose if you try to save Rs 1000 per month from your pocket money, then you can earn almost Rs 50, 000 or more in the long run which is very much good for your future. 

Top 10 Mutual Funds For College Going Students 

Here we are sharing a list of Best Mutual Funds Schemes For College Students.

Axis Bluechip Fund Growth

In our list, the 1st Mutual Fund for College Graduates is Axis Bluechip Fund Growth. The main aim of the scheme is to make long term capital treasuring by investing in an expand folder which mainly consists of equity and equity-related securities of big Cap companies including derivatives.

SBI Bluechip Fund

On the 2nd position, SBI Bluechip Fund is the Best Mutual Fund for Students. This scheme is aimed at stock investments. The scheme has an investment of stocks in big companies with large Caps.

Principal Hybrid Equity Fund

The Principal Hybrid Equity Fund comes on number 3 in the Top Mutual Funds For College Students’ List. This fund contains the growth of the aggressive hybrid fund. If we look at all over investments then it contains a total of 75% of the investment. Further, this investment is divided into 54.9 % of big-cap investments and 9.4 % of investment is in mid-cap stock and 2.4% of investment in small-cap. This all known as CRISIL Rank Change.

Franklin India Equity Fund

As we come on number 4 in our list, we have Franklin India Equity Fund. The main motive of the scheme is capital treasuring which means the growth of capital. It also set regular division from the portfolio of equity. This scheme focus on the wealth-creating companies in market cap ranges which acquire almost all the sectors.

Mirae Asset Large-Cap Fund

On number 5 we have Mirae Asset Large-Cap Fund. The main aim of this scheme is to maximize long term capital. The investment opportunities from Indian Economic growth and its structural shifts through investing in equity and related securities.

HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund

The HDFC funds have invested 92.27 percent of the total in Indian cap stocks that include 61.74 percent of investments in the mid-cap stocks. Investors can invest in the midcap fund when they want to invest money for three years, at least, and can face small losses.

ICIC Pru Bluechip Fund

The ICIC funds have a total of 91.32 percent investment in the Indian cap stocks. The investors can easily invest in the fund, but they should invest money for three to four years. This fund is useful for investors that want high returns. But they should get ready for moderate losses after their investments.

Sundaram Select Focus Fund Direct-Growth

These funds have invested about 91.21 percent in the Indian cap stocks. These funds are beneficial for investors that have good knowledge of macro trends, and they prefer to have higher returns with some selected bets. However, they can face some average losses during their investments.

L&T India Large-cap Fund Direct-Growth

The fund consists of significant investment around 98.39 percent in the Indian Stocks, and the large-cap includes 76.51 percent investments. It is best for investors that want to invest money for four years with high return choices. But they can face some average losses in their investments.

ICICI Prudential Equity and Debt Fund

The ICICI Prudential Equity and Debt Fund have an average investment of 67.88 percent in Indian stocks. The large-cap stocks include 67.88 percent, and the mid-cap comprises 6.98 percent investment. It is suitable for investors that want to invest money for three years with high returns.

So, all these Mutual Funds are available in the Indian Market in which College Students can invest and make big money in the future. In all these Mutual Funds, College students can easily invest money. As in these Mutual Funds did not require high investment money. College Students can also start investing from Rs. 500 per month in these Best Mutual Funds.

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